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We provide clients with the highest possible level of service, style and professionalism

At Nineteen 25 we work with our clients to create a workplace that promote wellbeing, boosts staff productivity and develop a space that can work for the future of your business. From initial design to completion, we are here to ensure that every aspect of your project is handled.

  • Space Planning
    Space Planning
    Developing an environment that has everything your business needs.
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  • Layout and Visuals
    Layout and Visuals
    Delivering innovative workspace solutions to transform every work environment.
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  • Furniture Procurement
    Furniture Procurement
    Evolving your office space to work with the visions of your business.
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Why Nineteen 25

why nineteen 25?

We’re specialists at transforming your office space, meaning you can continue running your business whilst we develop the future.

Vision and mission

Vision & Mission

From initial concept designs to final handover, we strive to create an environment that’ll work for your future development.

Our values

Our Values

We listen to your concerns and understand the way your business operates to shape a workplace environment your business will thrive in.

Nineteen 25 Design

Marquis at Nineteen 25 Design helped us to create a functional yet stylish environment for our staff while still incorporating all of our company’s values.

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