Cedar Court Hotel Wakefield

The Brief:

As part of a major capex overhaul across the chain of Cedar Court Hotels, the Wakefield hotel wanted to replace their existing lobby furniture to accommodate the increased usage of the multitude of business users that frequent the conveniently located hotel (Jct 39 M1).

The new versatile working areas needed to be multipurpose in design, providing a functional workspace for the increasing number of business users in the hotel whilst providing a warm and welcoming reception area.

The Project:

Working with the hotel management team we upgraded the furniture for a superior quality finish rather than what are traditionally used in hotel lobbies. We incorporated collaborative spaces, individual working spaces, informal spaces and privacy booths with heightened acoustics to minimise any background sound for important phone calls.

As part of the project Nineteen 25 handled all aspects including design, procurement, project management and coordination.

The outcome:

We created a highly vibrant and colourful environment that paves the way for the future development of the scheme which has had exceptional feedback from staff and clients alike. The uplifting, energetic spaces are perfect for business professionals or individual who just don’t enjoy working from home.

General Manager Stewart Moss stated. “The feedback has been excellent and as a group we plan to further investigate how we can add versatile co-working environments into all our spaces”